Design and Craftsmanship without Limits

In utilizing the custom trusses over traditional methods, not only is time of production drastically reduced but also you receive the peace of mind knowing that when your product arrives safely onsite it will perfectly match specification with no margin of error causing delays or necessitating the need of extra manpower.


Perfection, precision, design, craftsmanship, and cost effectiveness all blend to create the perfect truss for every project.

Our team works alongside you to design, create, as well as deliver uniquely crafted roof and flooring trusses, freeing you from the drawbacks of traditional framing methods.


Utilizing innovative computer modeling software, in combination with years of firsthand experience working within the industry, each truss is designed to specifically meet the unique demands of your individual project while cutting down overall production times as well as cost when comparing our process against that of traditional and similarly crafted products.


Each specially crafted truss is perfectly designed to fit your model, regardless of complexity in design or structural demands.